We Own Our Hardware

Our servers are really “our” servers. We’re not a reseller and that give us the oportunity to offer our clients the uptime we promise.

We Only Use the Best Server Hardware

Because we know best that not all servers created equal we strive for the best. Unlike many hosts, we do not retrofit desktop computers or use budget servers filled with failure-prone hardware.

Each server is stocked with only the best possible components and are built to be flexible and scalable, to meet every demand of our clients and their website users.
Unbeatable stability and super-smooth operation for every one of our servers.

Our Network Is Excellent

Our passion for perfection drives all our choises and our network infrustructure is second to none. Our servers are located in the EasyNet NL datacenter just outside Amsterdam, which is part of the AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange). With more than 37Gbps of network capacity, using 14 network carriers, we’re able to give exceptional speeds to users worldwide.

We also use The Datadock Europe’s most environment-friendly data center and has already won the eco Award 2010 donated by the German Internet Association “eco” as the best data center. Furthermore, it received the highest rating of five stars in the independent Datacenter Star Audit, which evaluates the technical quality of data centers.

In more than three years of planning and construction time there was aimed at building an eco-friendly and at the same time ultra-modern data center with a comprehensive security and redundancy concept. Located in Strasbourg, France, this would be the perfect location for our services, situated on the most important and fastest glass fiber routes to Germany and the rest of Europe.

Datadock is connected directly to the most important European internet exchange points over our own redundant 100 GBit backbone hence it features the perfect speed and availability of your data. On the other hand, the area around Strasbourg is very rich in groundwater, which rendered it possible to implement an innovative and eco-friendly cooling concept at Datadock.

We’re Old and Experienced

AylANET is run by educated, certified and experienced adults who have been around the Internet since the 1990’s. We were there when the World Wide Web began, and we’ve watched it mature into a technology capable of doing things once thought impossible. (Some pretty amazing sites are found on our servers.) We’re not one of those “kiddie hosts” you read about online, run from a dorm room or at a parent’s house.

We Spend Our Money on You, Not Spam

If you’ve never heard of us, or haven’t seen us on one of those dubious “Top 10” lists online, it’s because we don’t pay to be listed. We don’t offer affiliate programs that give outrageous payouts. We spend our funds on you, on your servers, on your support – not on ads. If anything, we’re the host people use after they were burned by hosts found on those spammy Top 10 lists.